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20 things abt Annie

1. She loves the arts.
2. Music is the love of her life. She tends to have a something ringing in her head.
3. Nature is where she loves to indulge in.
4. Sun ray on her skin when she is in her swimming costume is her delight.
5. Diff shades of green found in plants fascinates her.
6. She loves adventure at her comfort level.
7. She cant swim but is not afraid to be in the deep, of course, with a float or life jacket.
8. She enjoys photography, to the point that she takes pix of almost anything, everything.
9. She enjoys editing, by marrying quotes and pix.
10. She usually adores ballerina with a ‘whoa!.
11. She has a soft spot for oil painting; somehow, they draw her soul.
12. She is weird. Her MBTI is INFJ.
13. She enjoys national geographic channel very much.
14. She loves singing, and only, to the Audience of One. She is a soprano 2.
15. She secretly wish she can play a cello, violin or a double bass.
16. Jogging is her way to manage her weight since she was 14.
17. She likes cute cute stuffs. Thus far, her fav is gaspard et Lisa.
18. She eats most stuff but can be really choosy when she wants to. And she couldnt understand the union of coffee and milk.
19. She desires to travel in the name of experience.
20. She has an inquisitive mind.

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